Arogya Adalat

Arogya Adalat…
Arogya Adalat is another novel venture started by our National Chief Dr. Vaidya. Arogya Adalat (Health Court) conducted at Pune, on 2nd Sunday of every month, chaired by Dr. Vaidya, has provided a platform for the people to raise various public health issues and get organizational support to strengthen their voice. Arogya Sena has 15 issue based committees, 4 members in each committee, for the reprisal of the grievances. This activity has become popular in a very short time and given a new dimension to the image of Arogya Sena.

Issue Based Committees
1. National Health Policy
2. Disaster Management and Medical Relief Training
3. Publications and Publicity
4. Urban (Roads, Accidents, Public Hygiene, Epidemics, Water Supply, River Pollution, etc.)
5. Rural (Farmers, Drinking Water, Malnourishment, Displaced Farmers, Draught and Primary Health etc.)
6. Slums
7. Natural and Man Made Disasters
8. Food Products and Drugs adulteration
9. Pollution
10. Epidemics
11. Medical Education and Practice
12. Women’s Wing
13. Farmer’s Wing
14. Worker’s Wing
15. Daily-wedges Worker’s